15 First Date Mistakes To Avoid

1. Quoting Oprah more than once.2. Shortening words that really dont need to be shortened, like totes, blowie, and obvi.3. Starting any sentence with the phrase, Well, my therapist says … 4. Ever mentioning your girl boner. Trust guys do not want to think of you with a boner, no matter how cute you think […]

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I Really Want Him to Marry Me 7 Vital Keys You Must Know If You Want to Make Him Marry You

Make Sure You’re Long-Term Material Before you continue with anything else, ask yourself if you’ve been together long enough to even expect a marriage proposal. Additionally, be honest with yourself about where you are in your life and whether or not you are truly wife material. Don’t fret; even if you aren’t now, you will […]

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Breaking Up Warning Signs

Verbal Clues A relationship that is dwindling will usually have a lack of communication or communication problems in general. There are a few telltale signs that something just isnt right. Your partner tells you, Im too busy, even when you know it isn’t true. Spending more time with friends or doing trivial things to avoid […]

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